19 November 2013 : Special World Toilet Day

Time to talk about toilets and make the human right a reality
UN Water, United Nations
Published: 7 years, 7 months ago (11/18/2013)
Updated: 2 years, 5 months ago (12/21/2018)
19 November 2013 is the first ever UN-endorsed World Toilet Day (see this News). Though it has been marked by international and civil society organizations all over the world for many years, World Toilet Day was not formally recognized as an official UN day until an UNGA resolution of 24 July 2013.

There are obvious reasons why 100 countries came together to pass the resolution: 2.5 of the world's seven billion people, mostly in rural areas, still do not have proper sanitation and 1.1 billion people have to defecate in the open. This has dire consequences on human health, dignity and security, the environment, and social and economic development.

So on 19 November we will celebrate World Toilet Day. To break a taboo. To help make the human right to sanitation a reality.
Join us: #Toilets4All

Because sanitation is a human right.
Because sanitation is vital for good health.
Because sanitation brings dignity, equality and safety.
Because sanitation is a good economic investment.
Because sanitation sustains clean environments.

Read more: visit the Sanitation Drive to 2015 website

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