- Weliveriya : a call for justice and solidarity !

Strong military dispersal of demonstrators fighting for their right to clean water against a water-polluting company in a village near Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development, Philippines
Published: 7 years, 10 months ago (08/07/2013)
Updated: 2 years, 5 months ago (12/21/2018)

The Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development (JSAPMDD) strongly condemns the violent dispersal by Sri Lanka’s military of the peaceful demonstrators fighting for clean and safe water in the village of Weliveriya just outside Colombo last August 1.

Three people were killed including two school children and at least 15 others were injured as military men fired live bullets at protesters fleeing from the teargas used to disperse the 5,000 people-strong demonstration demanding action against the Venigros Gloves Factory for polluting the drinking water of about 12 villages.

By deploying the military, the Sri Lankan government in effect attacked its own citizenry as they exercised their human and democratic rights to free speech and assembly. It showed the callousness of government towards the welfare of the people who continue to suffer the adverse impacts of Venigros’ polluting activities on their health, water supply and food crops. It clearly highlights where the Sri Lankan government’s loyalties lie – not in upholding the interests of grassroots people and communities, but in protecting that of business interests and profit.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Weliveriya and other affected villages in protesting companies like Venigros and fighting for a basic human right to clean, affordable and adequate water.

We join other voices demanding justice for the victims of military violence and in calling for an immediate, transparent and independent investigation of the violent acts committed. Those responsible must be held accountable and redress must be provided those who suffered from this grossly undemocratic act.

We call on the government of Sri Lanka uphold its people’s interests over corporate interests and to take immediate steps to ensure that the people’s right to water is upheld and fulfilled.

To further sustain this movement and condemn this brutal attack, sign the online petition !

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"JSAPMDD Statement on the recent act of military brutality in Sri Lanka : a call for justice and solidarity!", Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development, http://www.apmdd.org/ (07-08-2013).

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