11th European Youth Parliament for Water

Young european people meet to discuss and exchange their water vision. The right to water was on debate.
Isabelle Magils, Good Planet, Belgium
Published: 8 years ago (06/14/2013)
Updated: 2 years, 5 months ago (12/21/2018)
At mid-May eighty young people from all over Europe met in Armenia for the 11th European Youth Parliament for Water. For one week they discuss the improvement of the water governance through youth' participation. The meeting ended with the presentation of a final Declaration and plans for concrete actions in their respective States.

The final Declaration makes a reference to the human right to water :
"Access to water is a human right. Therefore, we have concluded that one of the problems is the possibility of making easy and unjustified profit from its exploitation."

Testimony of a participant :

"In this parliament there are many countries that are currently having a public water management system, for example Switzerland, Poland and Turkey (where giving the water management to private operators is just unimaginable, as their youth delegations told us). Let us think about it: Is water quality better provided by a private operator? Is the bill cheaper if the municipality decides a public management? I was surprised that this aspect was not visible in the results of the investigations anymore, even in our informal discussions until yesterday evening. After the Dutch delegation presented us the summary of all results, we started to ask "real" questions. I would like to encourage you to ask those questions about water services all around the world. Maybe the questions about different models of water governance have place in this 11th EYPW, which wants to “involve youth in water governance”


Final Declaration (en) of the 11th European Youth Parliament for Water

Declaration_En.pdf (395.7 KB)

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